Dr. rer. nat. Kerstin Seyfarth


About me




•    born on June 26th, 1981 in Offenbach, Germany
•    married, no children

•    Hobbies & Interests: ballroom dancing, Mangas, pencil drawing,




From the beginning of my scientific education in Highschool, I was one of the few undergraduate girls who actually liked the scientific classes best. Not even the dreaded advanced biology and chemisty classes that led up to achieving my A-levels/high school diploma led me to change my mind and after a visit to the university of Mainz I finally knew for sure: I will study Biology!

To this day I have never regretted my choice because it has led me to experience so many different sectors of my profession – from the biogas plant to the laundry detergent manufacturer.

It is my ambition to analyse and optimize
procedures and products within the field of microbiology and it is my firm believe that - especially when it comes to the relatively new technique of harvesting renewable energies through bioglas plants – the Biotech-Industry will need reliable partners for their work for years and decades to come – to improve their environmental footprint, their financial situation and the lives of many people.



Appearing on the following pages I introduce my experiences.


The professional profile is structured in


•    my education that forms the basis of my service,



•    qualifications and vocational trainings, I actualise permanently during exercising my




•    completed and ongoing projects,



•    used methods


•    and the actual publication list.