Dr. rer. nat. Kerstin Seyfarth

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Cooperations – especially interesting for profit-orientated businesses

Encouraging scientific networks that will help businesses as well as researchers is a task especially dear to me. Normally these networks consist of the profit-orientated businesses on one side, and free or basic scientific research institutes on the other.
Cooperations between these two partners are in my opinion real win-win-situations, so I would like to list some of their advantages:

•    Universities and research centers can – with the help of such cooperation contracts – direct

     their know-how towards a goal. Because all too often, the researchers (and their students)

     validate old research for training purposes, which can be very frustrating for all parties involved
•    The involved businesses can use the new data and information in their processes and gain

•    both parties can profit from financial helps, that the German government provides for such

•    In addition to all this, the new leads and achievements can be published in scientific

     journals, which can greatly improve the reputation of both parties

So why not use these kinds of cooperation – for everyone's benefit? With the help of such a scientific research network, you could achieve a goal that you didn't think was possible to achieve all alone! I would very much like to help you with the process of establishing such a network, coordinate applications and other paperwork as well as the research process itself. And I'll gladly assist you in weighing up the possibilities.