Consulting portfolio

Based on my specialist knowledge and qualifications, I can offer you the following services

Installation and optimization of laboratories and processes

Concepts for laboratories and laboratory processes focused on microbiology, molecular biology and hygiene according to quality standards e. g. EU-GMP guideline

Be it research, development or quality management: I can create an individual concept for your project. With my expertise defined in §15 and in § 28 Abs. 3 of the German genetic technology safety regulations (GenTSV), I can also assist you in installing laboratories with biosafety level 1 or 2, especially when it comes to planning the required devices and accessories including auxiliary materials and chemicals as well as data sheets or operating instructions.

Also important to mention here are specific disposal concepts for hazardous materials according to law and general suggestions for optimizing processes and methods, which I can provide.

Initialization and optimization of products

Strategies for realisation of innovative ideas of food, cleaning or pharmaceutical products and product modification with a microbiological backround

Laboratories with high-hygiene zones can effectively broaden their portfolio of products and services through my consulting services. Let me assist you in establishing and optimizing your products by helping you with your questions concerning hygiene, microbiology in general, or technical and clinical laboratories. With the optimization of these workspaces, processes and products your business can get/stay competitive and maximize its efficiency and performance.

Lectures and seminars (for example during congresses or in the curricula of (micro-)biology students in higher semesters)

Technical lectures about microbiology and genetic engineering methods in laboratories and hygiene

These could include:

  • „scientific project management“

  • „I've got my doctorate... now what? - Chances and opportunities of freelancing in the fields of microbiology, biotech and biology“

  • „Rules, regulations and practices for laboratories with biosafety level1+2“

Employee training

The regular training of employees in high-hygiene zones is mandatory in many sectors and branches of the Biotech industry. Here is a list of trainings I could provide:

  • Hygiene trainings in hygienic sensitive areas and micro- und molecular biological labs

Cooperations – especially interesting for profit-orientated businesses

Promote research consulting of profit-oriented companies and research institutes

Encouraging scientific networks that will help businesses as well as researchers is a task especially dear to me. Normally these networks consist of the profit-orientated businesses on one side, and free or basic scientific research institutes on the other.

Cooperations between these two partners are in my opinion real win-win-situations, so I would like to list some of their advantages:

  • Universities and research centers can – with the help of such cooperation contracts – direct their know-how towards a goal. Because all too often, the researchers (and their students) validate old research for training purposes, which can be very frustrating for all parties involved

  • The involved businesses can use the new data and information in their processes and gain know-how

  • Both parties can profit from financial helps, that the German government provides for such projects

  • In addition to all this, the new leads and achievements can be published in scientific journals, which can greatly improve the reputation of both parties

So why not use these kinds of cooperation – for everyone's benefit? With the help of such a scientific research network, you could achieve a goal that you didn't think was possible to achieve all alone! I would very much like to help you with the process of establishing such a network, coordinate applications and other paperwork as well as the research process itself. And I'll gladly assist you in weighing up the possibilities.